What We Do

None Shall Pass Productions, founded by Quinn Cox, is an indie production house located in uptown Denver's RINO arts district that seeks to help artists write, record and publish music. NSP also has experience scoring video and putting on and recording live shows.
Need Sound? We also have a live PA and engineer available to rent by the hour for small events.

We are a Protools/Universal Audio/Mac based studio.

Who we are for

None Shall Pass Productions is for the person/band seeking affordable studio services with great sound without the overhead costs of the big studio spaces. Or the big band that started in the big studio but looks to cut costs by using an affordable overdub space to get all those vocals and instrumental parts recorded. The solo artist or band looking to make a promo video and a great sounding demo, single or entire album. Soloists looking for session musicians to give their recording the big band feel. The band who wants a live recording/video of their show. New artists looking for a hand in the creative process of song and lyric writing. Videographers who have a stunning video that needs professionally written music or scores to push their project over the top. Need graphic design for your flyer or album cover? We can do that too.

Still not sure if we have what it takes to meet your needs? Email Quinn@noneshall.com

Let's talk. If I can't help you, I would be happy to point you in the right direction.

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